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About Us

Avu Hajran (left) Neetha Hajran-Bhullar (right) 

We are the Hajran sisters, the founders, faces & content creators behind Hajran Curio. We are first generation Canadian, Punjabi-Sikh women.

We began working with guidance tools, and mindful practices over a decade ago. Paying attention to our intuition, journeying through life, learning the Universe’s lessons, and gaining wisdom along the way; each experience, good & bad, has helped us immensely on our spiritual journeys. That is when we realized just how much the Universe has to offer us, as long as we tune in. From there, is how Hajran Curio came to be.

We believe that we are all students of life, curious souls that will always be learning and exploring the secrets and magic of the Universe. Our mission is to build a community of like-minded people. This is our journey and it’s only just beginning. We hope you join us 🤍.

Lots of Love,
Hajran Curio